A Quality Management system or quality assurance processes aim to manage your business processes that affect the quality and consistent delivery of what you promise to your customers / clients.

A formal Quality Management System certified against an international standard (ie. ISO9001) may be what you need, or you may only require a simple Business Manual which describes your critical processes.

The internationally recognised standard for quality management system has recently been updated and provides greater flexibility for businesses to adopt the standard according to their business, activities, products and services.

The AS/NZS ISO 9001:2016 version is equivalent to ISO 9001:2015 and both describe a process and risk management approach for the effective and consistent delivery of outcomes for your client / customer.  It helps to ensure that the needs and expectations of your customers/clients are being met or exceeded, along with considering any of your related interested parties / stakeholders.

This system can also assist with identifying and implementing effective production methods and for cutting down on production costs, whilst analysing and improving customer / client satisfaction.

TruSafety Solutions can:

  • help your business identify and/or manage your related processes and risks and opportunities, and then create or review procedures or checklists that assist with the achievement of your end goal. (eg. Quality Policies, objectives and action plans, quality procedures, inspection and test plans, checklists etc).
  • assist you with your quality needs for pre-qualification with parties, such as Vic Roads.
  • conduct independent internal audits of your quality processes and management systems by our experienced and suitably qualified internal auditor.

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Environmental Management

Environmental management practices aim to minimise the impact of your business operations, activities, products or services on the environment.  It also assists to improve your overall business environmental performance.

The international standard for environmental management system (ISO14001) has recently been improved and released and is an effective tool to enhance your environmental outcomes and manage the environmental risks, opportunaties and impacts with regards to your business’ activities, products or services.

The AS/NZS ISO 14001:2016 version is equivalent to ISO 14001:2015 and provide a structured approach to planning and implementing environment operational control measures and to assist your business to reduce wastage, save costs and maximize the efficient use of resources.

Having programs, processes or procedures in place can help to manage these for your business. TruSafety Solutions offers the following services and documents to help you achieve this:

  • Environmental Management System
  • Environmental Aspects and Impacts Register (Risk Register)
  • Policies, objectives, targets and action plans
  • Operational Control Procedures
  • Emergency Response Procedures
  • Environmental Management Manual
  • Preparing your business for Pre-Qualification requirements
  • Performing independent internal audits against your environmental processes and system by our suitably qualified internal auditor.

Please don’t hesitate to contact TruSafety Solutions for further information or a formal proposal - email info@trusafetysolutions.com.au or through our Contact Form.