Management Systems and Certification

A robust Quality, OHS/WHS or Environmental Management System, particularly in a combined approach, can help an organization to:

  • Improve performance and enhance client satisfaction
  • Increase reputation in your industry, and relationship and loyalty with clients
  • Be in the best position to submit tenders, win contracts or expand into new markets where these systems or external Certifications are a requirement
  • Obtain prequalification status with third parties
  • Enjoy effective management of business, quality, health, safety and environmental related risks, and in turn creating less likelihood of nonconformances, breaches, injuries, fines or prosecution

Our specialty is integrating the processes within your business so that you consistently will produce effective project or product delivery, increase productivity and strengthen your position in the market.

Whether you require a management system for Health and Safety, Quality, and/or Environmental,  the aim is to link together all components of planning, implementation, maintaining, monitoring and review for consistency and continuous improvement.  We determine with you areas to integrate, where able, including any other system, current business management or other activities/processes.

A complex system is not required for all businesses, therefore TruSafety Solutions will work in partnership with you to develop and implement a system that suits your specific needs and unique requirements.  Contact us for how you can use management systems to improve processes in your business, or to achieve prequalification or certification - or use the Contact Form.

Health and Safety (OHS) - AS/NZS 4801 / OHS/AS18001 / ISO45001 OH&S Management System

These standards are designed to help organisations establish and maintain a system to protect the welfare, health and safety of employees / workers (and other parties, contractors and visitors) in their workplace.

It will also assist businesses to improve overall health and safety performance, meet your legal obligations and eliminate or minimise injuries.   It provides an efficient, effective and productive way to manage health and safety (thus saving you time, money and resources and reduce workcover claims and associated costs) and provides a systematic way for you to identify hazards, assess risks and eliminate the problems, or to put risk control measure in place.

The upcoming release of the international standard ISO45001 will only strengthen this through embedding leadership, commitment and employee / worker involvement in a proactive and combined approach. For further information on how you can use management systems to improve health and safety in your business, or to achieve certification, please contact or use the Contact Form.

Quality - ISO 9001:2015 / AS/NZS IOS 9001:2016 Quality Management System

The internationally recognised standard for quality that has recently been updated which provides greater flexibility for businesses to adopt the standard according to their business, activities, products and services within their industry.

The AS/NZS ISO 9001:2016 version is equivalent to ISO 9001:2015 and both describe a process and risk management approach to the effective and consistent delivery of outcomes for your client / customer.  It helps to ensure that the needs and expectations of your customers/clients are being met or exceeded, along with considering any of your related interested parties / stakeholders.

For further information on quality systems, certification and how this can improve your business, please contact or use the Contact Form.

Environmental -  ISO 14001:2015 / AS/NZS 14001:2016 Environmental management systems

ISO14001 has recently been improved and released and is an effective tool to enhance your business’ environmental performance and manage the environmental risks and impacts with regards to your business’ activities, products or services.

 The standard provides a structured approach to planning and implementing environment operational control measures. The system can also assist your business to reduce wastage, save costs and maximize the efficient use of resources through considering of a life cycle perspective.

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Integrated Management System (IMS) / Business Management System (BMS)

If there was one important tip that ensures the most effective method of reducing time, paperwork, resources and costs is to integrate the individual systems and existing business and operational processes into what is called an “Integrated Management System (IMS)” or a “Business Management System (BMS)”. The standards are aligned to easily integrate the individual elements into an integrated approach.

Consulting, auditing and support services

TruSafety Solutions’ services cater to companies who wish to secure their position in a highly competitive marketplace, and provide consulting, auditing and support services to help you on your journey towards:

  • Preparing your business to meet the relevant international or Australian standard and if required, ready for external certification
  • Ensuring you obtain successful accreditation or pre-qualification with government, public or private sector organisations
  • Simplifying processes and easy application throughout your business, and related projects and customer orders

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Third party certification against these standards provides an independent review of your systems to ensure that all elements are adequately and consistently adopted. Certification can provide your business with many benefits including:

  • demonstrating commitment to health and safety, quality or environmental practices,
  • recognition of Australian and/or International Standards. This may be particularly important to your business where quality assurance practices is essential to the selling of your product / service, or if you require certification against the standard/s for pre-qualification with another business.

For further information on certification, or for a proposal, please contact via the Contact Form.